Bespoke homes with Bentier

The perfect way to plan, design and build your new home.

You have an idea of what you want your new house to be, to suit your lifestyle, to entertain, or to be a family home; but how do you make that dream a reality? Our track record of creating award-winning homes in some of the most desirable locations in the South East, means it makes sense to choose Bentier to build yours. We can show you examples of properties we have created for other customers and explain how we lead you through the various stages that go into making your bespoke home. We understand that this is a very personal process and that your house is special to you. By choosing Bentier, you can be assured that we have the experience and knowledge to ensure you get the home you desire.


Bentier are much more than simply a building company. Our expertise has been gained from many years of developing unique luxury homes throughout the South East. We know all there is to know about selecting the right site; obtaining planning consent; designing, constructing and selling houses our customers love to live in.

We like to think that the homes we create speak for themselves, and the many testimonials from happy customers back this up.


We always use the best and most appropriate materials available. Where possible we source building materials that are environmentally friendly, and ideally locally sourced to reduce transport emissions. One of the most sustainable building materials is timber, as it ‘locks in’ carbon dioxide. Where appropriate, we use timber that is UK grown from FSC managed forests.

A major contributor to energy consumption in the home is through heat loss. This is why we use thermally efficient insulation. This has the added advantage of reducing fossil fuel consumption and thus energy bills for the homeowner. And because we only use high quality fixtures and fittings, such as doors and windows, they are both more efficient and need replacing less often than inferior products used by other developers.
We also offer the option of adding additional energy saving features to our homes, such as photovoltaic panels and heat source pumps.


Protecting our environment for future generations is something we are passionate about at Bentier, and we take our commitment to be a responsible constructor very seriously.

We have always built homes that stand the test of time, and by sourcing renewable materials where possible and designing our homes to be energy efficient to reduce carbon emissions, we are carrying on that tradition in a more sustainable way.

We recycle as much of our site waste as possible; we always source local materials where we can; we employee local labour and we reduce environmental impact by designing developments sympathetic to a site’s natural features.

Planning & acquisition

When considering a development, we earmark several potential sites before we make a decision to acquire. There are many factors that we take into account before pressing ahead, and we often choose sites that others ignore because we have the experience to see potential where others cannot. Once we decide that a plot is viable and appropriate, we act decisively with our architects to achieve all necessary planning permissions.

As part of our Bentier Bespoke service, we will work closely with you to assess your chosen site and advise you on how to proceed. Whether you are looking to create your own luxury home or wanting to develop a parcel of land for development, our experience and working relationships with Local Authority planners mean we are well placed to get the best possible outcome.

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