As a company, we are quick and decisive to assess the potential of a site. Our partner architects achieve good planning results quickly because we develop good working relationships with Local Authorities and are experienced in the planning process; we will develop sites often overlooked by others.

Bentier Homes also likes to form close partnerships with Estate Agents which ensures that we not only recognise the agents introductions, but we work with the agent to enhance the specification, planning and marketability of each of our developments.

If you have a garden or parcel of land which could be accessed from a road or current driveway, there may be the potential for development. You may also wish to redevelop your current home, turning it into a larger property or multiple properties increasing the value of your home. Bentier Homes has the expertise and knowledge of the planning system to enable you to maximise the value of this asset.

Do not hesitate to contact us should you wish to discuss such an opportunity.

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